Hi everyone & thanks for visiting my site!
My name is Allison & I’ve been baking since I was old enough to lick the spoon! Over the years, I’ve worked in many areas of the hospitality industry across the UK & Channel Islands and being a dessert-a-holic, picked up my fair share of tips & tricks from some amazing pastry chefs along the way.
Myself, my partner & 3 children came to Wexford on holiday in 2013 and pretty much decided there & then that if we ever got the chance, we’d move here. We relocated to Wexford in March 2015!
It took us a little while to get settled and during that first year I was baking more & more just to fill the time. Eventually I decided to make it official - I set the ball rolling for a little home baking business and Bouquets & Buttercream was born!
I originally intended to only make cupcakes & bouquets, but as more & more people requested bigger & bigger cakes, I’ve found it hard to resist those additional challenges. It’s been a roller-coaster first year but I’ve enjoyed (almost!) every minute of it, so here’s to many more!